Ford Blind Spot Information System

Ford Blind Spot Information System is a system that helps drivers feel more confident. We here at Hawk Ford of St. Charles know the importance safety is to our customers and we are excited to share Ford's Blind Spot Information System.

The system is set up to notify the driver when vehicles are within the blind spot area. The system activates a light that will light up on the side rear view mirror on the side the vehicle is approaching. With the use of this system and the driver using their visual check as well, the chance of accidents is lessened. It's important that this system is used in conjunction with the driver checking the blind spots visually.

There is also the Cross Traffic Alert included with the Blind Spot Information System. This feature gives drivers the ability to back up and be alerted of oncoming vehicles on either side of the car. This feature will greatly help reduce fender benders.

Come into our showroom and see these exciting features in Ford's Blind Spot Information system for yourself.


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