The Significance of Car Fluids: Power Steering Fluid

Our vehicles have different fluids that assist in the day to day functions of the car. What most of us don't know is the fact that these fluids need regular checking and topping up or thoroughly flushing out to replace with new fluid.

Power steering fluid is that which sends the power to the steering. During maintenance, it can either be topped up or flushed out to add some new. The power steering fluid is an important component of the power steering system as acts as a lubricant. Regular changing of this fluid will keep the other parts like the gear unit in check and avoid costly replacements. When you hear a weird noise while using the steering wheel, check into our service center here at Hawk Ford of St. Charles and have your power steering fluid changed.

To learn about other car fluids and how regularly they should be changed, visit us today and have our expert technicians enlighten you.

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