Know Your Tire Pressure

Why is it important to check your tire pressure? Underinflated tires are unsafe to drive with, and they cost you money. Tires that are not correctly inflated make the vehicle work harder. In turn, this causes the engine to burn more fuel. If you notice you are fueling up more often, it could be a sign of underinflated tires. Over-inflated tires create a bumpy and stiff ride.

It is easy to check the pressure. Tire gauges are relatively inexpensive and sold at all automotive part stores. The pressure level is stamped on the sidewall of the tire and in the driver’s manual. The PSI is also printed on the door jam of the driver’s side.

If your tires are wearing out or no longer hold pressure, stop by our service center at Hawk Ford of St. Charles. Our team can help you select the best tire for your car and driving needs.



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