Why is My Check Engine Light On?

We all know the feeling of starting our car only for the check engine light to unexpectedly pop on. There are a handful of different reasons that this light could’ve gone on. Before you panic, read on to see what the possibilities are. You can also schedule service at our used car dealer near Bartlett if you want a professional opinion.


Your Catalytic Converter is Bad

Have you heard of a catalytic converter? It is a car part that helps protect the environment as it converts any harmful carbon monoxide your car emits into carbon dioxide. Make sure to get this replaced before your next emissions test or you will not pass! Your care may also run at a higher temperature if this converter is bad.


There’s a Problem with Your Gas Cap

Loose, damaged or missing gas caps can play a part in maintaining pressure in your fuel tank. Gasoline fumes called hydrocarbons may also be released into the atmosphere while your car isn’t being driven; these means you’ll lose gas that you paid for through evaporation.


Your Oxygen Sensor Needs to be Replaced

Your engine may burn more fuel than needed if your oxygen sensor is not working correctly, as it measures how much unburned oxygen your exhaust system has. Your spark plugs, and catalytic converters may also be damaged if your sensor isn’t working properly.


If your check engine light comes on, don’t panic. Schedule a service appointment at our used car dealer in Bartlett, our professionals will be happy to help!


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