Ford Super Duty: The Bottom Line in Durability

Ford knows what it takes to get the job done, and they built durability into every part of the new Super Duty pickup. They used the toughest materials inside and out. The result is a truck that lasts under the toughest circumstances.

To begin with, they added a new frame that is made from 95 percent high-strength steel. They lightened the body by adding military-grade aluminum alloy. They added heavier components to the steering, axles, and brakes. The result is a truck that can withstand the most extreme circumstances. The body and aluminum alloy wheels will not rust, which adds many years of life to your truck. You also do not have to worry about as many dents and dings in the body.

The Ford Super Duty is the bottom line in durability, and you should come drive one today at Hawk Ford of St. Charles and see for yourself.



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