Car Waxing 101

With the snow gone and the sun shining once again, now is the perfect time to give your car some TLC after a long winter. While washing the outside of your car is a great place to start, waxing your car is a simple activity with tons of benefits! Our car dealer in Batavia recommends a regular waxing schedule so that your car maintains a beautiful, healthy shine at all times.

Why Wax?

If you have never waxed your car before, you might be curious about the specific benefits. Beyond helping your car shine, benefits of car waxing include:
-Filling in scratches: if you have small scratches on your car that are difficult to remove, waxing your car can help make the scratches less noticeable.
-Prevent chipping: Debris may fly at your car and cause damage to the paint. Waxing it can help create a protective barrier on your car’s surface.
-Make it easier to wash: Waxing your car can help keep unwanted substances such as bugs or debris off your car, resulting in an overall cleaner car that is easier to wash.

Waxing Tips

Make sure to only wax your car in the shade, as waxing it in the sun may cause the wax to dry quickly and make it harder to buff out. You should also focus on waxing small sections at a time to ensure the wax doesn’t dry before you are able to get to it. Apply wax in thin layers so it is easier to get off. You should use a microfiber cloth because they are easy to buff with and they do not leave behind any lint on your car.

Utilizing a regular waxing schedule on your car is helpful in maintaining your car’s look and functionality! If you are interested in learning more tips, contact our car dealer in Batavia today.


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