Tips for Driving with Your Pet in the Car

Your dog is part of your family, so it’s important to ensure they stay safe while they are riding in the car with you. Think about traveling with your dog like you are traveling with a child. Pets have specific needs that you should consider before you bring them in the car with you. Here are some tips from our car dealer in Bartlett.

Invest in a Crash-Tested Crate

One of the only ways to ensure your pet stays safe while in the car is to keep then secured in a crate. Certain crates are safety-certified, so make sure that you pick a crate that meets safety standards. The crate should also have the right amount of insulation and circulation to keep your pet comfortable at all times.

Take Breaks

If you are on a long road trip, make sure that you take plenty of breaks to let your pet get some fresh air and go to the bathroom. Even if your pet is capable of holding it for long periods of time, that doesn’t mean that they should.

Turn Off Power Windows

One minute you are driving, the next you hear your dog accidentally rolling down the windows in the back. It may seem harmless, but if your dog gets too excited, he or she might be tempted to jump out of the window. To avoid this, make sure to turn off the power windows so that even if they hit the button, nothing will happen.

The goal of our car dealer in Bartlett is to keep you and your family safe while in the car!


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