How Ford Driver Assist Technology Tackles Winter Roads

January 19th, 2024 by

Winter driving is never an easy task, as snow and ice cover the roads and make what could be a routine trip to the grocery store a hazardous ride. Thankfully, the driver-assist features that have been developed and expanded upon throughout the last decade have made driving over slick conditions a breeze. Next time you go car shopping, keep an eye out for these specific features to prepare you for the winter weather.

Tackles Winter Roads

What to Get in a Driver Assistance Package?

  • Antilock Brakes – Antilock braking gives you more traction and control when braking, allowing your vehicle to stop faster. They also prevent the wheels from locking up, stopping you from skidding on icy roads.
  • Stability Control – Losing control on a curve can have devastating consequences for you and the vehicle. Electronic stability control is a driving feature that helps you maintain course during difficult steering maneuvers, keeping you safe on the road.
  • Alerts and Monitoring – Avoiding slick patches and snow drifts can be a handful, leaving you little time to check mirrors or blind spots. Driving assistance features such as blind-spot monitoring and Ford Co-pilot 360 help keep track of your surroundings while you focus on the road. Driving technology that promotes safe driving and limits potential collisions is always appreciated, even in the best weather conditions.

If you would like to find some of these amazing features on the next vehicle that you own, then come to Hawk Ford of St. Charles. Our inventory of new vehicles all come equipped with at least some driver assistance features, making your life behind the steering wheel easy, even in a blizzard.

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