Get Your Truck Ready for Winter with the Right Accessories

October 13th, 2020 by

Winter will be here before you know it, so now is the time to prepare your truck for the blustery winter weather. Here is a list of some accessories that will help you (and your truck) survive the next few months of snow, ice, and muck.

  • Floor Mats – Snow, slush, and salt all combine to create a lot of messy gunk that you don’t want puddling on the floor of your truck. High-quality floor mats are worth every penny when it comes to protecting your truck’s floor from grimy winter boots.

  • Tonneau Cover – This is an accessory you will appreciate all year long but it is especially useful during the snowy winter months. Not only will it protect your truck’s bed, but it will keep anything you are carrying clean and dry.

  • Fog Lights – Fog lights are not just useful to enhance visibility when you’re driving through thick fog, they are extremely helpful during winter snow storms. If you often drive through all types of inclement weather, fog lights are an essential accessory.

  • Tow Straps and a Winch – Getting stuck in the ditch or a deep snowbank is not something you expect to do, but it can happen, especially during a winter storm where there is little visibility. Tow straps and a winch will help you get out of these types of situations almost as easily as you can get into them.

  • Emergency Gear – Whether you drive a car or a truck, it’s important to be fully prepared for unexpected situations. If you end up stranded, you’ll appreciate the time you took to put your emergency gear together. Water, snacks, first aid supplies, a flashlight, flares, a blanket, a cell-phone charging pack, extra clothes, and a battery powered radio are essentials you should include.

Consider a New Ford F-150 in St. Charles

No number of accessories can ensure your safety during the winter months, especially if your car is beginning to experience a lot of mechanical issues. However, a new Ford truck is the perfect vehicle to help you weather a tough Midwestern winter. If your car or truck has seen better days, now is the perfect time to trade up to a winter-worthy Ford F-150 in St. Charles. Stop into Hawk Ford of St. Charles and let us help you safely drive through the snow and ice in style.

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