My Car Still Runs Great, Why Should I Replace It?

August 29th, 2020 by

So you’re still driving that 4-door sedan you bought back in 2003, and even though the odometer is reading 342,243, it isn’t leaking oil, and you only need to take it in for routine maintenance. Now, if you’re only using this aging vehicle for short trips, and always driving at low to modest speeds, you might want to drive it until the wheels fall off. However, most drivers aren’t just taking their cars out for short drives around town – and if you put all those miles on yourself, you’ve averaged around 20,000 miles per year.

It’s All About Safety

Now that we’ve determined you’re spending a good deal of time in your car, we would definitely recommend purchasing a new one from the most reputable car dealer in St. Charles, Hawk Ford. Vehicles today have extensive safety features that didn’t exist even a decade ago. The structural protection of the vehicles is much improved, and there are airbags everywhere – side impact bags, front impact bags, bags to protect your head – and with the automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance features, you will hopefully never need any of them.

Most cars come with blind spot monitoring, so you’ll know if someone is pulling up alongside you, and rear-view cameras that will keep you from backing over your neighbor’s dog. Adaptive cruise control, evasive steering assist, and rain-sensing wipers are options to help make your driving experience even safer – and if you’re planning on keeping your new vehicle for a decade or more, we suggest opting for every available safety feature.

Fuel Economy and Pollution Controls

Even though your old car is economical (simply because you’ve gotten every penny of value out of it), you will appreciate the improvements in fuel economy and pollution controls across the industry. You are probably spending more on gas now than you will when driving a new vehicle, especially if you opt for a hybrid from your new car dealer in St. Charles.

And…It’s a New Car

All the practical benefits should be enough to convince anyone who is driving an old car to look into purchasing a new one. However, if safety features and fuel economy haven’t spurred you to visit Hawk Ford in St. Charles, think about the fun you’ll have driving around in a new vehicle with seat and steering wheel warmers, Wi-fi connectivity, and a stylish new design. There really is nothing quite like driving a brand-new car off the lot and back home to your garage – stop in and take a test drive – we think you’ll be convinced!

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