Is it Time for New Tires?

April 29th, 2019 by

Depending on the car you drive, after a certain amount of time, cars are due for new tires. To have a more functioning car, your tires need good treads. Worn treads can affect other parts of your car as well. Every couple of months, you can check if you need new treads on your own. If you are unsure, our used car dealer in St. Charles is ready to help answer all your tire questions. Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to your tires:

How long have I had these tires?

Once you’ve been driving your car for five years, your tires should be inspected yearly. Take your car to a professional to see if there are any tire maintenance issues to be addressed. A good rule of thumb, if all is perfect, is to replace your tires (spare tires, too) every ten years.

When’s the last time I put in air pressure?

If your tire pressure indicator goes off in your car, that’s a good reminder to not only add air but to check the quality of all four tires. Pay especially close attention to tire pressure in the winter.

Have my tires endured any damages recently?

Many factors can lead to damaged tires. Some, but not all, instances are:

  • Potholes, and other road conditions
  • The climate, like rain, snow, and ice
  • Not properly maintaining your tires
  • Mixing your tire types
  • Poor driving habits like speeding, diving on damaged roads, or quick starting

How can I know for sure it’s time for new tires?

When the tread on your tires is worn down, it’s time for new tires. There’s a simple trick to check this: take a penny and hold Abe’s body between your thumb and forefinger. Place the penny in a tread point. If Abe’s head is covered by the tread (any part of his head), you are driving legally and safely. If the tread goes below Abe’s head, the grip is most likely reduced and it is time for new tires.

Time for your car to receive new tires? Come over to Hawk Ford car dealer of St. Charles to receive professional car maintenance. Contact us with any questions.

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